We offer all of our private lessons in 5 week sessions. Each student has a set lesson time each week, for a one half-hour private lesson with one of our teachers. You can, of course, do more, and many do!

Price: $100.00 for 5 weeks (5 half-hour private lessons)

While most of our students find the half-hour to be the perfect lesson length for music, we usually recommend that our older language students (age 10 through adult) spend an hour with their teacher each week, as the longer time lends itself better to learning language. Hour lessons or twice-a-week half-hour lessons are also available for advancing music students, or for those who desire to learn at a quicker pace.

Multiple weekly lessons are also available in language and/or music.

Price: $200.00 for 5 weeks (5 one-hour private lessons) Children's group rate: $200.00 (10 one-hour lessons)

Interested in learning to play with others? A.L.M.A. offers 'combo' lessons for students who are ready to expand their musical horizons and work with other students. Small group lessons - rock and jazz combos, string, wind, and vocal ensembles.
Price: $200.00 per student (10 one-hour lessons)

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