Academy of Language & Music Arts
is proud to sponsor
a project to help humanity:

CARE-avan 2005!

CARE-avan 2005 is a special coming together of people from various professions and backgrounds who desire to give freely their time and talents, and to embark on a good-will mission of help for another people in need.

CARE-avan 2005 will include the gathering of material goods, food and health supplies, and the coordination of the special talents and interests of doctors, teachers, craftsmen, students and anyone else who desires to share and to help our brothers in need in the world. Together, in a true 'Care Caravan' motivated by the spirit of peace and reverence for life, we travel this year, as in past years, to a needy place in the world. There, we will share all that we have to give with those who need our help; each participant will do this in his or her own special way; all will do this in the spirit of loving concern for fellow man.

CARE-avan 2005 is a completely voluntary effort sponsored by the Academy of Language and Music Arts. There is no exchange of money or financial recompense at any level for anyone involved. We do not ask for monetary contributions, but we do ask for the personal commitment and practical assistance in a number of ways, both from those involved in this CARE-avan as actual traveling participants, as well as those who wish to help us here at home to organize this movement of concern for others.

Care to Help?

CARE-avan '05 is now sponsoring a special collection of goods for our neighbors in need.

The clothing, toiletry, sports and toy items will be used by CARE-avan '05: this is a special project sponsored by the Academy of Language and Music Arts, to bring medical and material assistance, and loving concern, directly to people in another part of the world;

This year, goods received will be taken by CARE-avan '05 will be taken to families in the region of Santa Clara de Asis, in the town and surrounding community of Cenotillo , in the State of Yucatan, Mexico;

Do you have any of the following items at home? We need:

1) Lightwieght Clothing, suitable for tropical climates, for men, women and children (including jeans, workpants, shoes, shirts and blouses etc.);

2)Personal health, hygiene and toiletry items: vitamins, soap, towels, toothbrushes, first aid supplies, grooming aids, etc.;

3)Toys, Sport and game equipment: balls, bats, athletic shoes, and especially dolls and toys appropriate for small children;

There's no need to buy anything new; this is a chance to go through that cabinet, closet, garage, or extra toy chest!

There is something for you, each person, to do to help CARE-avan 2005, whether or not you physically accompany us on our journey. If you want to help and want  more information, please contact:

CARE-avan 2005 (Co-ordinators: James Fiatarone or Melissa Bosworth)
c/o Academy of Language & Music Arts
Dr. James Fiatarone, Founder-Director
99 Brookwood Road
Orinda, CA., USA 94563
Tel: (925) 254-5056/ 254-5053

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